What it is and to expect from its surroundings



Fjällhuset is located on mount Skorvdalsfjället, at an elevation of 730 meters. Its view faces south – southwest, right into the wilderness of Sånfjället National Park.

In the summertime, days are light and long. Some light remains through the night. The landscape around the house is pine tree forest. Slightly higher above the house, it is rocky with scarce vegetation and smaller trees.

Several cross marked paths origin in Björnrike. Within the resort, there is also a road network and shorter adventure path for walking. A small river runs through Björnrike, right along the adventure path.

Nature and living is at the very side of the house. Expect to encounter squirrels, birds and reindeer herds. Location is at the highest row of homes. In some distance above the house, runs the cross-country ski trail. The ski trail network spans over Skorvdalsfjället mountain, into neighboring Vemdalsskalet. The ski trails are excellent walkways in the summer.

Björnrike is an ideal place to stay over an extended period of time, provided one has the right expectations on the resort and its surroundings. Fjällhuset has been master planned for those families seeking the highest quality standard, far away from hectic inner city lifestyle. Björnrike has no evening bars or restaurants in the summer. To that effect it is a low profiled area with no crowds, no traffic or congestion. Björnrike can be described as exclusive and secluded. Despite of its four hundred homes, it is not a “tourist trap”.

Nearby Vemdalen village is a small community. It has a well sorted grocery and food store with bank and postal services during normal business hours. Furthermore there is a gas station with limited assortment of milk, food and bread, open every day until 24.00. Tony’s pizza restaurant and the newly established bowling alley are open all year round. Vemdalen has a tourism office. It can be helpful on maps and leisure activities. There are guided fishing excursions in Vemdalen throughout the year. Canoeing and horseback riding is another possibility.

We recommend a longer stay in Björnrike, rendering the full opportunity to enjoy the natural treasures of the immediate nearby area. From Björnrike one can of course do scenic daytrips by car. However, staying in and around Björnrike will give variation and is likely to be the most relaxing vacation time.

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